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Work-Based Learning Certificate

Work-Based Learning Informational Sheet 

Work-based learning (WBL) is the “umbrella” name used to identify activities which collaboratively engage employers and schools in providing structured learning experiences for students. These experiences focus on assisting students develop broad, transferable skills for post-secondary education and the workplace. A quality WBL program can make school-based learning more relevant by providing students with the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real world situations. 

The Work-Based Learning program allows already certified teachers to take two courses (6 credits), at either the undergraduate or graduate levels, to earn the credential.


1. Undergraduate Non-Degree Application -  

Please complete the undergraduate non-degree application, located here:

On this line:  "Are you planning to enter into one of our certificate programs?," please check "yes."

2. Graduate - Non-Degree Application - 

To apply for the Work-Based Learning program as a Non-Degree Graduate student, please send an e-mail to, requesting information about the Work-Based Learning program.

Include the following information:

Your Name
Phone number
E-mail address
The name of the program you are requesting information about
The semester that you wish to apply for

You will then be contacted regarding next steps.


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