College Access Program (CAP)

CAP (College Access Program), CSAT (Charter School for Applied Technology), and MECHS (Middle Early College High School) are three signature programs of Buffalo State University. Both the MECHS and CSAT programs are open only to participants attending those institutions.

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About CAP

Collaboratively offered by Buffalo State and high schools across the state, the College Access Program (CAP) offers high school students the opportunity to take a college course that provides both high school and college credit. All programs are aimed at introducing high school juniors and seniors to college-level work, and allow them to achieve college credits for successful participation, as well as credits towards graduation from their home high school. 

CAP Courses offered cover a range of disciplines, from mathematics to fashion design, and vary in number and kind by school and district. Each course is offered at a fraction of the cost of its college-level tuition, which makes the program highly affordable for families while providing future savings in college costs.

CSAT Students        MECHS Students

      Participating Instructors

      Participating CAP high school instructors are partnered with a Buffalo State faculty member, who provides guidance and support to ensure the level of work meets college standards.  A solid record of success has been achieved for all, in more than 20 schools across the state.

      If you are a high school instructor interested in partnering with Buffalo State to offer the great opportunity CAP programming presents to your students, please contact us for more information, at


      Participating Schools

      • Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts (BAVPA)
      • Cheektowaga Central High School
      • Eastern Suffolk BOCES
      • Erie 1 BOCES
      • Frederick Law Olmsted High School
      • Hutchinson Technical High School
      • Kenmore East High School
      • Mount Mercy Academy
      • Orleans/Niagara BOCES
      • Riverside High School
      • Tapestry Charter School
      • The Park School
      • Westfield Academy
      • Charter School for Applied Technologies*
      • Middle Early College High School*

      * Non-traditional CAP programs.

      CAP Benefits

      • The program simultaneously offers high school and college credit for a selected course(s).
      • Enhances the education of students, with instructional standards and learning outcomes the same as those of the parallel college course
      • Gives students an early start in college, with courses that can transfer to other colleges or universities
      • Provides access for students to Buffalo State academic resources (library, online materials, etc.)
      • Reduces the cost of college study, with a tuition cost about one-third of regular Buffalo State courses. Enrollment in these courses may provide future opportunities to students, such as the ability to enroll in upper-level college courses or to complete a four-year degree in a shorter amount of time.

      CAP Credits

      Upon successful completion of CAP course requirements, students will receive credit from Buffalo State for the courses in which they have enrolled and for which they have paid.

      • These credits will form the basis of a permanent post-secondary academic record at Buffalo State.
      • These courses can be applied to additional study at Buffalo State or any other SUNY school, and they may be eligible for transfer to other institutions.

      CAP Admission and Registration

      Admission Criteria

      • Junior and senior students who are recommended and approved by high school staff are eligible to enroll.
      • All course work attempted will be recorded on the student’s permanent Buffalo State transcript. 
      • Enrollment in CAP courses will be for non-degree undergraduate study only and will not guarantee admission as a matriculated, degree-seeking student. In order to matriculate, students must file a formal application with the Buffalo State admissions office and meet all admission requirements.


      • The defined registration window for Spring is usually from December to the end of January.
      • All participants must register during the registration window.
      • Payment is required at the time of registration, and can be made by credit or debit card. 
      • Course registration will not be completed until full payment is received. Holds will be placed for non-payment, and will result in grades and/or transcripts not being available.


      Should your family need another payment option, please contact our office at (716) 878-5907 and we will do our best to work out arrangements with you.