Negotiate Anything

The Continuing Professional Studies Office has partnered with the American Negotiation Institute to offer this unique and beneficial program. The program is freestanding; you can complete it as your time and schedule permits over a six-month period. The notes and resources are yours to keep.

What You'll Learn

  • Negotiate with someone who has more leverage, power, or authority;
  • Thoroughly prepare for and execute during business negotiations;
  • Manage conflict effectively (at work and at home);
  • Negotiate without giving in to threats and aggression;
  • Manage your own emotions and the emotions of others;
  • Have conversations without the fear of damaging the relationship;
  • Understand the underlying wants and needs of the other party; and
  • Use negotiation to advance your career and increase your salary.
  • Make difficult conversations easier. 

How to Enroll

Register through us and receive a 10% discount (automatically applied).

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