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Retreats, for any working group - profit or non-profit - allow the team to come together to leverage group intelligence via the cultivation of communication and commitment to accomplish any goal.

They can take the form of a fun activity, or a seminar-based one; the best retreats promote the spirit of teamwork and build a better understanding among employees of each other, as well as of the organization. 

Continuing Professional Studies is uniquely situated to provide both types of retreats:

Our Workshop Series offers seminar-based programming that can challenge employees of similar or mixed levels and positions - especially those who do not regularly interact - to inspire thoughtful conversations and the sharing of diverse ideas.

For programs that are meant to inspire a more convivial workplace, Buffalo State has the capacity to offer  programming that spans the arts and sciences!  For example:

  • Enjoy a night at a student theater production, preceded by a themed dinner at our Campus House.
  • Reaching for the stars? Let us schedule a tour and a show in our Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium.
  • For more hands-on interactivity, we can arrange a cooking class that will build some culinary skills and end in a delicious, group-prepared meal to share.
  • Schedule a private tour of the renowned Burchfield Penney Art Center, followed by refreshments at our Campus House.

As always, we are happy to meet with your retreat planning committee to organize a truly different and productive experience for your team.


To initiate the planning process, please complete our Events Request form.

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