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Fast Facts about the MECHS Program

MECHS is a four-year program in which students take a variety of courses beginning in their sophomore year in the high school - some courses may also be offered on the university campus - for which they receive dual credit upon successful completion of the courses.

Students have the opportunity to graduate high school with up to 51 college credit hours, enabling them to enter higher education as a junior, saving substantially on costs and time to graduation. (Please note that not all students will achieve the maximum number of credits.)

Students are provided with a wealth of programs to help them succeed, including advisement, tutoring, writing assistance, and career planning.

Students are able to borrow computers and other equipment from the university, and generally able to access all university services.

Students leave the program prepared to navigate multiple aspects of higher education, from knowing standard policies and procedures, to time management, to advocating for themselves.

There are also stringent requirements for MECHS program students:

YOU have already committed to the rigors of the program by applying and being accepted to MECHS.

YOU must be on time and remain for full classes, during which you must be attentive, take notes, and participate, even in courses where other students are older/more advanced than you are.

YOU are required to be aware of university policies, as well as deadlines for all activities.

YOU must check in with the MECHS office every day; attendance is tracked and counts toward your grade.  More than three absences will negatively affect your grades overall.

YOU are responsible for advising us of absences or other extenuating circumstances, not your parents.

YOU must communicate with us when if things are not going well, so that we can work with you to create a plan to help.

​How parents can best support their students:

Understand that your student is attempting to do work that is hard and is supposed to be!

Encourage them to know and share their course and college obligations with you; become familiar with university terms, policies and procedures.

Arrange to do a campus visit with your student.

Remind them that help is available for the asking and should be sought as early as it may seem needed - sooner is always better.

If you have a question or concern, please reach out to us. We understand that this level of academic commitment can affect the entire family, and that we all must work together.

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