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CLEP testing is a viable option for students to earn credit towards graduation for a variety of reasons.  They may discover a last minute deficiency close to graduation, or they may have a special circumstance - for example, being a native speaker of a language - that testing could assess and credit.

Faculty who are aware of a student's abilities in any given area may also suggest CLEP testing, for those same, or other, reasons.

In any event in which CLEP testing may be appropriately pursued, students and faculty should be aware of the following:

Continuing Professional Studies serves only as the test proctoring agency on campus.  As such, we are not involved in any of the steps that must occur prior to the actual test registration.  We do NOT determine what tests the college accepts for what credit, nor are we able to advise students (or faculty) as to what test to register to take with CLEP.  

The basic process for a Buffalo State student to take a CLEP exam is as follows:

  • The student should confer with their advisor/faculty/department in which they are seeking credit to see if there is a CLEP test that matches the course in question.  It can be helpful to review the list of Buffalo State approved courses/test equivalencies located here.
  • If there is any question as to whether a test is, or should be, accepted by Buffalo State, that is a conversation that must be had between the department and the Admissions Office. Continuing Professional Studies is not involved in those determinations.
  • The Admissions Office compiles and maintains the list of approved courses; again, if there is any question as to which test applies to which Buffalo State course, they are the office to contact for confirmation.
  • Once an acceptable course has been confirmed, students register with CLEP, and pay for the selected course test.
  • At that point, the student would then follow the instructions located here, to select a test date/time to register with our testing center.

We hope this clarifies a number of the questions we routinely receive about CLEP.  

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