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Applied Imagination: Tap Into Creative Thinking and Take Decisive Action

Applied Imagination: Tap Into Creative Thinking and Take Decisive Action

The Office of Continuing Professional Studies is partnering with the Creative Studies Department to offer the following program:

Applied Imagination: Tap Into Creative Thinking and Take Decisive Action

No matter who you are or what you do, every day you are solving problems and overcoming challenges.

That is creative thinking.

In this dynamic workshop, you’ll find out what kind of creative thinker you actually are (spoiler: there’s more to creative thinking than just ideas!).  Guided by experts from the Creativity and Change Leadership department, you will experience new ways to create ideas, be guided to select ideas that are truly innovative and prep those ideas into actionable solutions.

Everything that you learn can be immediately applied both personally and professionally.

Before Design Thinking and before Six Sigma, there was Creative Problem Solving at SUNY Buffalo State.  Now known as the Creativity and Change Leadership department, an evolving group of experts from a wide range of disciplines (education, business and the arts, to name a few) have been teaching and training creativity for over 60 years. By combining research-based theory with applied experience, this world-renowned program nurtures it’s students to navigate the ever-growing complexity of our world.

Click HERE to learn more about the Creativity and Change Leadership program.


VIRTUAL SESSIONS: Participants will receive a zoom link once registration closes.


 March 2, 2023 (Registration closes February 23), May 4, 2023 (Registration closes April 27), September 14, 2023 (Registration closes September 7), November 9, 2023 (Registration closes November 2)

TIME: 1:00-5:00 PM EST



IN-PERSON SESSION: at Buffalo State


TIME: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST


YOUR INSTRUCTORS: Kristen L. Peterson; Dr. Gerard J. Puccio

What past participants are saying:

“The workshop was real and interactive. The presenters both had a passion for what they were doing. In this day and age of some really poorly done webinars, this one sparkled like the sun!”

“It really helped me think about my colleagues strengths as well as my own and validated what I bring to the table”

“Captivating, held my attention, insightful, great pacing, and professional presentation.”

"I really enjoyed the Applied Imagination workshop. It gave me insight into my own creative strengths as well as those of my co-workers. I am also looking forward to using the tools to build my creative muscles in new areas."



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