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Applied Imagination: Proven Practices for Creative Thinking

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Applied Imagination: Proven Practices for Creative Thinking

The Office of Continuing Professional Studies is partnering with the Creative Studies Department to offer the following program:

Applied Imagination:  Proven Practices for Creative Thinking

Innovation, complex problem-solving, creativity and originality – are all identified by the World Economic Forum as necessary skills for a future influenced by technological disruption and world events such as the pandemic.  The time to start strengthening your creative capacity is now! Enter this dynamic workshop wondering how creative you are, and leave discovering how you are creative.  Guided by experts from SUNY Buffalo State’s own International Center for Studies in Creativity, you will gain insights into your unique creative thinking preferences and learn a proven set of creative problem-solving principles that can be immediately applied both personally and professionally.

The International Center for Studies in Creativity has been teaching and training creativity for over 55 years; its programs have been identified as the original credential in creativity thinking, as well as one of the most successful creativity programs in the world.  This half-day virtual workshop will serve as an excellent foundation for discovering your creative strengths and strategies to encourage creative thinking from those around you.

Please check back for information about our next session!

Date:  TBD

Time:  TBD

Location:  Virtual: link will be provided upon the close of registration.

Presenters:  Gerard Puccio, Kristin Fields (Roger Firestein, Matei Schwartz)




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