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2021 Accomplishments

The Covid 19 pandemic continues to impact daily operations, with most work being done remotely.

March -

Department Director Kristin E. Fields is quoted in the article "SUNY Micro-credentials Offer Nontraditional Higher-Ed Opportunities."

April - 

Staff return to the office on a part-time staggered basis.

May -

CLEP testing resumes.

July -

CPS runs its first program in more than a year, as the RISE Up!/Restaurants Ignite Skills and Education program completes its two week run with 8 successful graduates, who all walked away with jobs.  This program will run again this fall.

The BSC/CSAT Summer Bridge program began its six week run with rising high school freshmen taking a college level course, with lots of informative workshops and other activities.  

August -

The BSC/CSAT Summer Bridge program completed, with participants earning their first three college credits!

September -

The presentation "Be Creative" was made by request to a group of Middle Early College teachers.  The session introduced the framework for being a creative leader in the classroom, with educators developing three core creative thinking skills: being open, curious, and inventive through deliberate practice. As each skill was introduced, educators were invited to practice the skill independently, with others, and guided to introduce the skills into their classrooms. The program garnered excellent reviews.  

A second presentation offered at the invitation of The Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences (BSNS), which oversees both the Buffalo Museum of Science and Tifft Nature Preserve, assisted in their reengagement in a strategic planning initiative that was halted by the COVID pandemic.  In order to gain an accurate picture of the current state of affairs, BSNS reached out to the Continuing Professional Studies office for a facilitator for a select number of board members and current staff.  CPS Director Kristin Fields led a session that resulted in a robust collection of successes and opportunities for growth that could serve as the launching point for the remainder of the strategic planning process.

October -

We publish our first departmental newsletter, highlighting our recent programming as well as new training opportunities for both the educational and business sectors.

November -

Discussions and a refocusing of departmental energy begins to reshape our thoughts on programming, as connections are made with local tech industries and businesses.

December -

We end the year with many new community partners in business and industry, and are regularly participating in their events and activities.

Department Director Kristin E. Fields is selected to participate in the year long Leadership Buffalo program.

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